In Development

The Other Side

Director: TBD

Story By:  Jeremiah Kaynor

Screenwriter:  Jeremiah Kaynor

Genre:  Syfy Haunted Love Story

Story: A man, finding himself at his lowest poin in life, starts to question his own mental state as a woman begins to haunt his dreams and starts to appear in reflections in the real world. As he searches for answers to who she is, in her world she is also looking to find out why he is in her dreams. The closer they get to the truth, the more they find that their reincarnated love is directly tied to the fate of the world. Can they bridge the gap between dream and reallity before the world is engulfed in a pending doom?

STATUS: Pre-production

Strip Aerobics

Director: TBD

Story By:  Jeremiah Kaynor

Screenwriter: Jeremiah Kaynor

Genre: Road Trip C​omedy​

Story: When Liv, Georga, Anne and Guha all find themselves in a strip aerobics class for very different reasons, the last thing they ever thought would occur is a roadtrip from hell as they set out to find their destinies. These three very different woman and one Eastern Indian man are the most unlikely of friends that go on a journey just to find that destiny isn't always what you imagine it to be.

STATUS: Script up for option 

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