In Development

The Other Side

Director: Jeremiah Kaynor

Story By:  Jeremiah Kaynor

Screenwriter:  Jeremiah Kaynor

Genre: Haunted Sci-fi Love Story

Story: A year after trying to take his own life, Nolan starts to question his sanity as a woman is haunting his dreams. As he searches for answers to who she is, Henna, in her own world, is also looking for clues to why a strange man is in her dream world after she had been brought back to life by doctors. The closer they get to the truth, the more they find that their reincarnated love is directly tied to the fate of the world. Can they bridge the gap between dream and reallity before the world is engulfed in a pending doom?

STATUS: Script up for option

F@#k It List

Director: TBD

Story By:  Jeremiah Kaynor

Screenwriter: Jeremiah Kaynor

Genre: Road Trip C​omedy​

Story: When three very different women and a naive Eastern Indian man find each other at the lowest points in their lives, the last thing they ever expected is that a little white lie would lead to a road-trip from hell as they set out to find their destinies. These four unlikely friends go on a journey just to find that destiny isn't always what you imagine it to be as they attempt to check things off their "F@#K It List”

STATUS: Script up for option