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Corvus Eye Media is setting new expectations in the development and production of motion pictures, documentaries, TV, commercials, music videos and brand integrated content. We’re not just an agency of video producers. We’re tenacious marketers and creatives who craft unique stories and forge connections with audiences. We umbrella a massive team of accomplished producers, directors, writers and actors; our team brings your imagination to life. Expanding our brand and reputation in the entertainment and advertising industries is achieved through one of our core beliefs. “Encouragement of professionals, clients and contributors to flourish through their own creativity and personal touch; that’s when magic happens.” Approaching film in this way creates a concise and meaningful message our client's and post production audiences applaud. 




Who We Are

The Team Leaders

Corvus Eye Media BTS
Corvus Eye Media BTS

Jeremiah Kaynor

Senior Producer/Editor ~ Creative Director ~ Director of Photography

Jeremiah is the Lead Director and DP at Corvus Eye Media and has been working as a creative producer, production manager and marketing producer since 2005 when he produced his first feature film. The film became a success as an award-winning film with worldwide media coverage. Jeremiah went on to produce on TV shows and other feature films as well as co-producing and co-directing documentaries. In 2008 he also started to refine his onset skills behind the camera as a steadicam/gimbal operator and a Director of Photography. He expanded his specialties to aerial cinematography for cinema and commercial work. In 2012, after working and studying with some amazing directors, Jeremiah started honing his skills as an Actors Director. For the last 6 years he has been instructing both aerial cinematography and camera stabilization to classes and workshops throughout the Northwest.  Jeremiah has shot for Discovery, DIY Network, Fox, NOVA, Microsoft, Amazon, and PBS just to name a few. In 2016 he became the director at Kind TV and continues to look for content that inspires the world's audience. In 2019 he was nominated numerous times for "Best Cinematography" and won an award for "Outstanding Technical Achievement" for his DP work. Working with Corvus Eye Media, he has high expectations for the media that he creates for the Internet, television and feature films as a producer, director and cinematographer. 

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Contact: Jeremiah Kaynor

Brent Barrie

Brent Barrie

Lead VFX Director ~ Director of Photography ~ Lead 3D Animator ~ FPV Pilot

For the past 14 years Brent has spent his life dedicated to figuring out the best way to hold cameras. He’s devoted years to learning how to craft Visual Effects/CGI among other post-production practices, allowing him to focus beyond the lens and visualize advanced editing techniques live on set. Through the marriage of his post production knowledge and his cinematography experience, Brent is now able to direct shots with specialized techniques, ensuring the smoothest route from pre-production, into the editing bay, and out to the final cut. He is also now our top FPV pilot with amazing skills in flying FPV drones that gives us the ability to create shots that normally would never be imagined.

Contact: Brent Barrie



Jason Singler

Editor ~ Cinematographer ~ Producer ~ Aerial Cinematographer

For the last 13 years, Jason has been playing a variety of roles in video production. From video editing, camera operator, audio technician, drone pilot, and even as a technical director and producer. Jason has run live webcast video production for large and small events, utilizing Tricasters via Ustream, Adobe Connect, Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms. Jason is one of our amazing “jack of all trades”.

Contact: Jason Singler



Michael Kleven

Lead Location Sound Mixer ~ Cinematographer

As a sound mixer, Kleven found himself in increasingly high profile projects working with talented actors and awesome script. On the corporate side of things, he has helped record interviews with high-level executives helping their companies spread their message to a broader audience. Kleven has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Fairhaven College and Western Washington University with a concentration on theater. In Westerns theater department Kleven found an intense opportunity to develop craft and artistic discipline. He graduated with honors from the film school at Seattle Central Community College.

Contact: Michael Kleven


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