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All My Presidents

Directors: Connor Hair

Producer: Jeremiah Kaynor

Genre: Drama

When the grandchild of a state governor, Franklin, watches his father walk away to fight in the war and never return, he grabs a hold of the only thing left in his life, the ideology of the US Presidents. Years later he finds himself behind a campaign and questioning the man he follows. Can he learn to have a voice of his own or will he forever turn a blind eye?

The Divine Marigolds

Directors: Francisco Menendez

Producer: Jeremiah Kaynor, Will Chase, Lisa Coronado

Screenwriter: Jeremiah Kaynor, Willard Chase, Lisa Coronado

Genre: TV Pilot - Family Sitcom


The Divine Marigolds is an off kilter family comedy about a large Irish family living in Seattle. All the adult children have moved back home, resulting in hilarious yet deeply affecting moments as they all learn to live under the same roof again. The Pilot Episode entitled "Homecoming" finds the eldest daughter, Cora Marigold, dropping in on the family at dinner time after a long absence. Old feuds, forgotten love, questionable art, a Twilight obsession and a kooky priest combine to make this family truly Divine and unforgettable.

Final Poster.jpg

Directors: Jeremiah Kaynor

Producer: Jeremiah Kaynor

Genre: Drama

A bisexual woman's struggle with being in love with her husband and the woman that she had had a three year affair with. After leaving her job in the corporate world to be a mother, she is finally going back to the company where she will face the woman that she left without explanation. Finding herself back in the arms of her former lover, she realizes that she has always been dishonest with both her husband and her lover and needs to figure out how to break down those walls that she built between them. Will she figure out who she wants to be and open up before it's too late or will she lose both relationships?

Ten Decades

Directors: Staci Bernstien and Jane Kaplan

Producer: Jeremiah Kaynor 

Screenwriter: Staci Bernstein, Jane Kaplan, and Lisa Halpern

Genre:  Historical Film


Funded by 4Culture and the City of Enumclaw in celebration of the Enumclaw Centennial

Directors: Scott Norwood

Executive Producer: Jeremiah Kaynor, 

Screenwriter: Raphael Carlo

Genre: Drama - Sci-Fi


TIMETRAVEL_0 is an extraordinary docudrama that follows Cris McCarthy as she explores the urban web legend of John Titor, the man that came from the future. Cris searches for evidence of Timetravel and John Titor's predictions of a massive civil war. In the process of her filming, her work was investigated by authorities and eventually confiscated by the government. Its recent release has allowed it to be edited and produced.


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