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Aerial Cinematography To Fit Your Needs

Our Marketing and Video Production Company provides amazing Aerial Cinematography for added production value to any film or project. With experience in film and television production, our team has the on-set knowledge necessary to work effectively alongside your core creative team. We also provide Aerial Photography for Real Estate, Land Survey, Building Assessments, Sporting or Musical Events and Weddings. With lower set-up times when compared to traditional aerial solutions, and the ability to capture the shot from any angle, either high or low, Corvus Eye Media is the obvious solution for your next project. 

Aerial Reel 2018

With our Octocopters and Hexcopters we can lift any camera from a DSLR to a Red Dragon so you can capture some of the most stunning footage you have ever seen from a camera.. Multiple camera packages are available through our company.

The exceptional maneuverability and close-range capabilities of our UAVs enable us to capture the breath-taking aerial photographs at a much more economical price. We can shoot aerial photographs from 50 to 400 feet above ground at any angle. What’s more, we can show you the exact shot via a video downlink before we snap the picture.

We Fly Only The Best For You


We have multiple aerial platforms available that can film in stunning 4K and 6K and up at 120fps to give you the highest quality video and photos. These Unmanned Aerial Units give you the ability to get shots that no jib, crane, or even a helicopter could get.  

Aerial Shots


Corvus Eye Media

Real Estate

Photography & Videography

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Pricing for Aerial Photography and Cinematography vary. Please

Contact For Package Pricing

for a free estimates or bid.


Our FPV Drones Gives Your Videos
Whole New Perspective

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